Advanced Facebook Ads Strategies

Cohort Starts on 8th June 2020

Who FB Bootcamp is for?
Ideal for marketers who want to better understand the in-depth Facebook ads strategies. Learn the world’s best Facebook ads strategies and their proven techniques.
What FB Bootcamp Really is?
Each day you’ll learn and implement step-by-step live instructions in 5-6 hours sessions focused on Facebook ads strategy, measurement & testing.
Where You can Learn?
At make Marketer’s office, home, office, or favorite coffee shop! You can watch the Bootcamp videos anywhere using your computer or mobile device.
Why Facebook Ads Bootcamp?
You’ll be able to get better results from your ad spend, reduce your ad expenses. Bootcamp will ensure you become the Facebook ads hero for your company & clients.

FACEBOOK ADS BOOTCAMP (Online & Classroom)

This training is for marketers and entrepreneurs to scale their campaigns horizontally and vertically.

The goal of this masterclass is to teach you the in-depth Ad strategies that you will not otherwise and techniques to get the best and most out of Facebook advertising.

What You will learn in this Facebook Bootcamp in Hyderabad:

  • All the features of Facebook ad platform
  • Breaking down your KPI’s/business goals into an effective advertising strategy.
  • Identifying the target customer and setting up the sales funnel for conversion.
  • Measuring & analyzing the performance of FB ad campaigns.
  • Aligning the results and optimizing them for greater ROI.
Note: You will learn everything, and will not miss out on anything about Facebook

A detailed index of the FB Ads Bootcamp (SMM Training in Hyderabad). You will not just learn the how-to kind of topics on FB features or FB glossary definitions, but also the goals/KPI’s that an advertiser should have before starting with Facebook Advertising. How to choose the right objective, and the right KPIs to measure the analytics.

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Our Clients Spend Over $400,000+/Yr
Learn Advanced eCommerce SMM Strategies

FacebookAds  Training on Real-Time Account. Analyze the performance and optimize it.
Implement Advanced Strategies & become a Full Fledged Facebook Ads Pro.
Learn Advanced Remarketing Strategies and Increase Conversion Rates.
Implement Advanced Custom Audiences, Product Catalog Setup, Funnels etc.

The truth is… whether you’re ready or not, Facebook ads are changing in a big way. It’s never been more crucial for marketers to figure out the best ways to use Facebook ads to improve their conversions.

You’ll learn the best new Facebook strategies for delivering results with Facebook ads. Please know that, soon marketers will have a harder time targeting people with the Facebook Pixel. If you don’t learn the best new tactics, you’re leaving your company open to serious risk.
Greatly reduce your trial and error time by leveraging the experience you’ll gain from the bootcamp. Don’t waste more money and time trying to figure it all by yourself. Why take the slow road with your Facebook ads when you can fast-track your success?
With more businesses advertising on Facebook, ad costs will continue to rise. If you’re not learning how to improve your ad techniques, your ads won’t be seen by your best prospects. You’ll lose visibility to your competitors who are staying on the cutting edge.
Uncompromising Subject

Facebook Ads Bootcamp Syllabus

Facebook Audiences
Facebook Audiences
• Core Audiences
• Lookalike Audiences
• Custom Audiences
• Audiences along your funnel
• Core Audiences Size
• Reaching Multicultural Affinity Audience
• More resources - Facebook Audiences
• Audience Insights
• Delivery Insights: Audience Saturation
• Overlap Audiences
• Facebook Pixel
Identity Based Marketing Concepts
Facebook People-based Marketing
• What can you do with people-based measurement?
• People-based Measurement and Planning in Action
• Cookie-based reporting distorts campaign results and wastes ad dollars
Facebook Campaign Structure
Facebook Campaign Structure
• How to Set Up Your Facebook Ad Campaign Budget
• Facebook A/B Testing
• Budget Optimization Techniques
Ad Auction
Study on FB Ad Auction
Edge Rank Algorithm
Detailed study on Ad Fatigue
Regular vs. Accelerated Ads Delivery
Facebook Ads Manager
Facebook Ads Manager
• Facebook Roles and Access
• Facebook Ad Placements
Business Manager Roles
Facebook Campaign Objectives
Facebook Campaign Objectives
• Campaign Objective: Brand Awareness
• Campaign Objective: Reach
• Campaign Objective: Traffic
• Campaign Objective: Engagement
• Campaign Objective: App Installs
• Campaign Objective: Video Views
• Campaign Objective: Lead Generation
• Campaign Objective: Messages
• Campaign Objective: Conversions
• Campaign Objective: Product catalog sales
• Campaign Objective: Store visits
Facebook Ad Bidding Options
Facebook Ad Bidding Options
• CPM (Cost Per Mille) bidding
• CPC (Cost Per Click) bidding
• Cost Per Conversion bidding
Facebook Ads Delivery Optimization
Types of Facebook Ads Delivery Optimization
• Campaign Objective: Brand Awareness
• Campaign Objective: Reach
• Campaign Objective: Traffic
• Campaign Objective: Post Engagement
• Campaign Objective: Page Likes
• Campaign Objective: Event Responses
• Campaign Objective: App Installs
• Campaign Objective: Video Views
• Campaign Objective: Lead Generation
• Campaign Objective: Conversions
• Campaign Objective: Product Catalog Sales
• Campaign Objective: Store Visits
Bidding Strategies and their Functional Significance
Lowest Cost Bid vs. Target Cost Bid (Former: Manual vs. Automatic Bidding)
• You can use Target Cost Bid for
• You can use Lowest cost Bid for

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Real-Time Ads Account - 1-on-1 Training

Run ‘Dollar-a-day Campaigns’ and move to managing Big Budget FacebookAds Campaigns.
Data Driven Strategies & Executions. Get More than a Job, Make a Care
Learn Complete eCommerce Campaigns and Strategies in Facebook Ads. 
No Institute Will Teach Facebook Ads the Way we do it India.

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Get Facebook Blueprint Certified

After successful completion of Facebook Ads bootcamp course, get certified by Facebook Blueprint Certification & Hootsuite. Learn Most Advanced Facebook Ads Campaign Management Strategies while working on our high spending clients websites.

Manage FB Campaigns
Bidding & Optimizations
Facebook Ads Funnels Usage
Leverage Custom Audiences
Facebook ads Smm bootcamp in India

For the sake of better performance, this Facebook Ads Bootcamp is limited to 12 seats. So, hurry up for registrations. You can directly register here and you will receive follow up emails.

I heard a lot of business owners saying Facebook advertising doesn’t work for their business, or sale doesn’t happen on Facebook. Friends, let me tell you, Facebook advertising is one of the best platform available to get better ROAS. In terms of both the performances and the costs. When done right!

Facebook can be used effectively at the top of the funnel marketing and can be used in great way to nurture prospects and push them down the funnel. Facebook ads will help during the visitors conversion path, by completing them or assisting them during their journey to conversion.

Incorrect tracking and analysis leads to wrong inferences and wrong optimizations can hamper the entire business objectives. BE CAREFUL TO LEARN FACEBOOK, SMM TRAINING IN A WAY IT SHOULD BE LEARNED, ELSE YOU WILL LOSE THE WHOLE POINT.

Facebook is a platform managed by algorithms which delivers customized content to each user. Its broad targeting options, eleven different ad objectives to serve each of your business objectives, multiple placements to place your ad, bidding and ad delivery system makes it unique and irreplaceable.

Learn From International Experts
Access to Our Clients Real-Time Accounts

Don’t wait for right day or time, it’s high time. We can work together to
ensure that your great future gets the happy beginning it deserves.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks (33 Days)
Timings: 10:30 am – 05:00 pm (Monday through Saturday)

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