Facebook Masterclass


This training is for marketers and entrepreneurs to scale their campaigns horizontally and vertically.

The goal of this masterclass is to teach you the in-depth Ad strategies that you will not otherwise and techniques to get the best and most out of Facebook advertising.

What You will learn in this Facebook Bootcamp in Hyderabad:

  • All the features of Facebook ad platform
  • Breaking down your KPI’s/business goals into an effective advertising strategy.
  • Identifying the target customer and setting up the sales funnel for conversion.
  • Measuring & analyzing the performance of FB ad campaigns.
  • Aligning the results and optimizing them for greater ROI.
Note: You will learn everything, and will not miss out on anything about Facebook

A detailed index of the FB masterclass (SMM Training in Hyderabad). You will not just learn the how-to kind of topics on FB features or FB glossary definitions, but also the goals/KPI’s that an advertiser should have before starting with Facebook Advertising. How to choose the right objective, and the right KPIs to measure the analytics.

  1. eBooks and Video Tutorials
  2. Facebook Ad Account Structure
  3. Facebook Advertising Objectives
  4. Learn 11 Ad Objectives
      1. Ad Formats
      2. Ad Placements
      3. Facebook Ad Policies
  5. Laser Targeting options in Facebook
  6. Creating Facebook Pixel & Custom Audiences
  7. Advanced Custom Audience creation guide
  8. Lookalike Audiences and its importance
  9. Sales Funnel setup for successful FB campaigns
  10. Creating Lead Generation Ad Forms
  1. Introduction and overview of Facebook
  2. Why Facebook Ads?
    1. The Power of Facebook Newsfeed
    2. Understanding Facebook algorithm
  3. Creating an ad
    1. Basic rules for attractive ads.
  4. Ad Campaign Structure
    1. The 3 levels of ad structure
  5. Facebook Ad objectives
    1. Understanding the marketing funnel
    2. What are these Ad objectives?
    3. How to choose an objective?
  6. Core target audience set up while creating an ad
    1. Creating laser targeted audiences based on demographics, interests and behaviors
  7. Ad placements
    1. Automated placements & Manual placements
    2. Audience network & Messenger platform
  8. Budgets & Bidding
    1. Lifetime budget/Daily Budget
    2. Lowest Cost and Target Cost
  9. Ad Formats
    1. All Ad formats
    2. Different scenarios to use them
  10. Creatives
    1. Final ad creative
    2. Use of advanced URL parameters
  11. Preview & submit to review
  12. Walk-through Ads Manager explaining the terminology
  13. Ad Manager Account settings
  14. Difference between boost posts and other objectives
    1. Will boost post work
    2. When to use boost post
  15. Pixels
    1. What, Why and How of this Pixel
    2. Creating & Installing a pixel
  16. Saved Audiences
  17. Look-alike audiences
  18. Custom Audiences
    1. Website custom audiences
    2. Engagement custom audiences
    3. Custom Audience from customer list
    4. Custom Audience using events
    5. Custom Audiences from FB Page
    6. Custom Audiences from Lead generation Campaigns
  19. Custom Conversions
  20. Using Canva Premium to create FB ads
  21. Instant Ad Experiences
  22. Product Catalogue ads
  23. Reports
    1. How To Download Reports
    2. What to measure
    3. Analyzing the reports.
  24. Attribution Models
  25. Marketing Funnel & Defining your budgets
  26. Strategies (for different industry verticals)
  27. Tools By Facebook
  28. Ads Manager
  29. Audience Insights
  30. Intro to Business Manager
    1. Managing Ad Accounts and other assests
    2. Automated rules
    3. Creative Hub
  31. 500 Ad examples from Adespresso
  32. FB Ads Best Practices
  33. Graphic Tools
    1. Third Party tools to help you design awesome creative

For the sake of better performance, this masterclass is limited to 12 seats. So, hurry up for registrations. You can directly register here and you will receive follow up emails.

I heard a lot of business owners saying Facebook advertising doesn’t work for their business, or sale doesn’t happen on Facebook. Friends, let me tell you, Facebook advertising is one of the best platform available to get better ROAS. In terms of both the performances and the costs. When done right!

Facebook can be used effectively at the top of the funnel marketing and can be used in great way to nurture prospects and push them down the funnel. Facebook ads will help during the visitors conversion path, by completing them or assisting them during their journey to conversion.

Incorrect tracking and analysis leads to wrong inferences and wrong optimizations can hamper the entire business objectives. BE CAREFUL TO LEARN FACEBOOK, SMM TRAINING IN A WAY IT SHOULD BE LEARNED, ELSE YOU WILL LOSE THE WHOLE POINT.

Facebook is a platform managed by algorithms which delivers customized content to each user. Its broad targeting options, eleven different ad objectives to serve each of your business objectives, multiple placements to place your ad, bidding and ad delivery system makes it unique and irreplaceable.