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At Make Marketer, we aim to teach the actual digital marketing skills that make you a real digital marketer. You don’t become a digital marketing expert by attending an institute and learn the basics & tools. Most trainers themselves dont teach eCommerce Marketing. You must implement advanced techniques by working live on a eCommerce website.

Remember, you have to learn advanced ad strategies to get placed in a good company and make a career. No company will ask you basic questions; they want to hire someone who can implement advanced growth strategies from the word go and digital marketing bootcamp is the place where you will learn, create, implement and optimize a live business website for CRO.

  • 100% Practical’s & 100% Real-Time.
  • Growth is a mindset, Growth hacking is an art and Digital is a tool.
  • GTM strategies that people with 8+ years can’t implement
Why Choose Us - Digital Marketing Bootcamp
7 Reasons to Learn From

Paid Marketing Expert

  1. Digital Marketing in 2020 cannot be done with advanced knowledge on Google Tag Manager.
  2. You need to learn from someone who manages paid marketing campaigns and manages a huge ad spend.
  3. Learn from a person who understand that marketing is a journey. Many have a marketing plan only few have a follow up plan.
  4. Keyword research is a strategic and crucial process to your successful Google Ads campaign management.
  5. Writing better ad copies that drives CTR comes from expertise & experience.
  6. Efficient tracking (Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Pixel) setup requires technical expertise and troubleshooting knowledge.
  7. Need someone who can understand data interpretation is more important than data collection
  8. Landing page optimization is directly proportional to conversion rate.
  9.  Keeping up with the latest changes and updates in digital marketing requires time and efforts
  10. Performance monitoring, active tweaks and optimization, Analyzing requires minute attention to every report.
Why Choose Digital Marketing Bootcamp
digital marketing bootcamp
My Conviction about Immersive Bootcamp

Only way to learn digital marketing is by doing it and bootcamp gives it 100%.

Many have a marketing plan, only a few have a followup plan. We teach you the real digital marketing skills that people with 10+ years of exhibit. It's a very intense program and we are very selective with our intake.
Prashanth Reniguntala
Founder, Make Marketer

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India’s First Digital Marketing Bootcamp with Google Partner Status. Learn Most Advanced Digital Marketing Concepts and eCommerce Strategies that works with real time Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Anlytics & GTM..

Avg. Google Ads Fundamental’s Exam Score
Avg. Google Ads Fundamental’s Exam Score
Avg. Google Ads Fundamental’s Exam Score
Avg. Google Ads Fundamental’s Exam Score
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